BusinessERP helps manufacturers from small businesses to mid-size enterprises see more clearly. Integration of data across the manufacturing process ensures that you have greater visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level. Insight into production, inventory and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. A high-level view of key business indicators facilitates faster and more accurate management decisions and an amazing interface puts all of this at your fingertips when and where you want it.


  • Eliminate costs and inefficiencies
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, flexibility and control
  • Enable new business and growth strategies
  • Low cost ownership
  • Extend your business using the internet
  • Gain better control of processes
  • Expand your knowledge of key business data
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Embrace superior technology
  • Leverage IT infrastructure and information assets


BusinessERP is currently supporting any manufacturing Industry that has a fixed manufacturing process. However, BusinessERP fits into the following types of industries very easily:

  • Thermoforming
  • Casting and forging
  • Moulding (Injection, etc)
  • Device Manufacturing
  • Plastics Industries

BusinessERP comes out of the box for many of the manufacturing industry with less then 50% customization required while some industries might require more customization. Any customization required can be done and the system will cater to any exact manufacturing process required.