• Sales and Marketing

    ERP Sales module implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. Sales module is closely integrated with organizations’ ecommerce websites. This module has ready-made briges available to major market softwares which are already in active use among SME manfacturing industries, like Tally ERP

  • Design and Development

    Design and Development Module, DnD as it is called, captures the core of product design and development for any manufacturing firm. Here is where all the designs are created, bill of materials is generated and costing for the product is derived at.

  • Tool Room

    This is the core of the production and manufacturing activity. Here is where the approved designs take actual product shapes and the manufacturing activities are carried out. Taking raw designs, creating molds and following specifications leads to the required end product for any manufacturing activity.

  • Fabrication

    From the Tool room, the production process then moves over to the fabrication department. This is the first step in the actual production process. Since each manufacturing process is unique in its own way, our system allows to create custom manufacturing processes and encapture that with in the entire process automation.

  • Production

    After the fabrication processes are finalized, then comes the actual production cycle. This module creates a production schedule and allows to capture data at critical production junctures and facilitates data automation in various areas of production. It also allows to create production equipment inventory and management.

  • CNC

    Part of the main production processes, we have created a separate module for this specific process. This module gives the features to manage the data for the CNC processes and machine automation, at any time it will be able to co-align the data with the production schedules and will be able to report the current, past or future CNC schedules and work.

  • Assembly

    This module is particularly useful for any manufacturing industry which has a product to be assembled at the end of the manufacturing process. This module captures all the essential processes required for the assembly unit and aides towards the finalization of the production process.

  • Packaging

    After assembly comes packaging. Here is where the finished products are packed and prepared to be shipped. This module captures the functions which automate data flow in the packaging part of the production process.

  • Store/Inventory

    Warehousing is a big part of any manufacturing industry. Warehouse/Store room stores parts, products, machine parts, machine equipment, rejected products and many other items.This module captures all the features and functions needed for the store room and warehousing in any manufacturing setup.

  • Purchase

    One of the core parts of any manufacturing setup is their purchase department, or supply-chain management as it is called in larger enterprises. The purchase department is responsible for procuring any required materials for production, machinery and any other items which might be a part of the production process. This module allows a seamless data automation from the purchase department with the other departments of the manufacturing setup.

  • Quality Assurance

    After the manufacturing process is completed and the product is assembled and ready and before it is shipped, comes the very important part of the process: Quality assurance and quality check. Here is where the manufactured items are quality checked to make sure that it meets the requirements as per what was given in the original specifications.

  • Maintenance

    This module, although extension of the production process has been separated as a lot of SMEs have started keeping their maintenance departments separate. This department is responsible for managing and maintaining the manufacturing machinery and equipment and making sure that the process flows smoothly. This module allows to keep the data flow streamlined for the maintenance vendors.

  • Payroll

    Payroll management is the key activity of any HR department for any type of industry, SME manufacturing industries are no different. This module allows for creating and managing payroll activities and automates the tasks for data flow tied into production processes. This would be an important part of the expenses any SME manufacturing firm makes.

  • HRMS

    Another very important aspect for any HR department is manpower management. Good manpower is important for good results, good manpower management is essential for the best results and adds to the bottom line for any firm. This module allows for creating new job profiles and all the associated aspects of the HR processes.


Manufacturing ERP Solutions

Business ERP is a specialized ERP solution, specifically catered towards the manufacturing industry in the Small and Medium Enterprises segment. Our product specializes in manufacturing process flow and captures all the aspects of that very effectively. With a total of 13 modules, it leaves no area of the manufacturing process untouched.

Who is this for?

Do you have a manufacturing unit? Do you have a manufacturing process? Do you want to automate the data flow in your process? Do you want to have all the information at your ...